Our Garden

The garden is a place where our children can play and nurture plants, fruit and vegetables.  We also use it as an outdoor space for learning about nature.  A part of the garden has been created as a sensory area, where our children can experience the scents, shapes, textures and colours of plants.  There is a separate area for growing vegetables and fruit complemented by plum and apple trees.

Gardening is a healthy, fun activity for children.  Most children enjoy being outdoors and love digging in the soil, creating things and watching plants grow.  Our children are involved in sowing seeds, watering, weeding, planting and most importantly watching the plants grow from seed to plant to flower and then fruit.  It gives them the opportunity to see nature evolving, to learn where some foods comes from and to taste them at snack time.

This year we had a brilliant show of sweet peas in all their glorious colours and delicate scent.  We had a bumper crop of strawberries, beans and peas.  We also successfully grew some potatoes, spring onions, carrots and celery. 

Vegetable and flower seeds sown by the children

Our home grown vegetables and fruit

Flowers we grew from seed

Flowerbeds that provide lots of different scents and textures

The garden attracts lots of different wildlife

Little Fishes @ St Peter's Ash
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