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It is our policy that photographs of the children, whether as an individual or as a group, do not appear on our website or facebook page.

Set up for the day ready for the children to arrive.

The children gather together here at the start of the day.  This is also our book corner.

In our writing area we have an assortment of colouring pictures, cards, envelopes and plain paper for the children to mark make on.

The children helped create our wall mural.

Fruit and vegetables grown from our garden.

Dressing up corner where the children can use their imaginations to be whatever they want to be.

We count the number of children in attendance every morning and then a child puts the arrow on the number of attendees.

The vehicles encourage control over objects through the pushing, pulling and turning of the different accessories.

The children asked staff to create their own sleigh to play in from empty cardboard boxes.

Painting easels are available almost every day. 

Creating patterns in pictures.

Making an advent calendar gives children the opportunity to count up to 24.

Children "write" letters from their names in the flour.

The children use whiteboards and pens to draw lines and circles using gross motor movements.

Drawing pictures enables children to develop imaginative skills and gives them the opportunities to talk about and draw people that are special to them.

Number cards on display allow the children to recognise their numerals.

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