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Our Day

The children and parents come into the hall, place their rucksacks under their pegs and hang their coats. They collect their own named fish, place it on our special 'pond board' and sit on the carpet for our good mornings.


The staff member leading the good mornings will tell the children all about the things we have out to do that day such as playdough, painting, construction, puzzles, the computer, drawing and outside equipment.


The children go and play with their chosen activities and friends.

During the morning we operate a snack bar system; a staff member will ask some children to help her cut the fruit for snack time using our special children's knives, the children are able to come and have snack and a drink from approx. 10.30 am to 11.30 am.


We encourage all the children to help tidy up, coming together on the carpet for singing/ring games or stories once the toys have been put away.  We then get into our coloured key groups for a more focussed activity which the key person of each group has designed using their indepth knowledge of the children's needs and abilities within their keygroup.

We collect our coats and bags and sing as we sit and wait for parents to collect the children.

End of the main session.


We are able to offer an extended lunch session. Parents need to provide a packed lunch, with a drink and the children sit with their peers and adults to eat before engaging in an adult led activity. Priority for these sessions is given to those starting school the next academic year.  This one hour lunch session is chargeable at our usual hourly rate for those using more than their funded hours.

End of lunch session.






9.30am onwards







13.45 pm

Inside and outside all set up at the start of the day ready for the children.

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